The ONPA was founded in 2000 with the mandate to present items of concern to Ontario Northland on behalf of ONTC pensioners.

The current board is comprised of

Phil Koning – Chair                    makpgk@gmail.com                       705-752-0160

Ernie Marasco – Vice Chair       erniemarasco@yahoo.ca               705-497-0061

Cliff McCaul – Treasurer            cf_mccaul@sympatico.ca            705-474-5604

Angus Baker                                  abaker@cogeco.ca                        705-478-9077

Joan Buckolz                                 joan.buckolz@gmail.com              705-497-3650

Ron Roy                                          ronljroy@gmail.com                      705-262-0111

Cal Cozac                                       calcozac@gmail.com                    705-476-5806

Brian Hagar                                    sasakinika@yahoo.com                705-495-5327

Linda Larrett                                  llarrett@ontera.net                       705-264-4721

With the election of a number of new board members in 2013, the need for a new direction was discussed along with the need to change the relationship with the ONTC board. One thing that became evident was the benefit to having more retirees join the association adding to the resources of the group and strengthening the voice for ONTC pensioners. This website will aid in informing our members and providing information to any ONTC retiree or their spouse, who would like to join us.

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