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Any retiree or spouse can join the email list to receive the information we will be sending out.  Please delete the ONPABoard info and substitute your own.


We do not send out emails notifying you of every change on the website, but you can receive automatic email notifications of new posts on the website by clicking “Follow” in the upper left corner and entering your email address.
Please consider joining the ONPA, as there is strength in numbers.   To get an application form, start by clicking on “ONPA Newsletters” in the Menu Bar under our logo and clicking on any one of the newsletters.  Once you click on one of the newsletters, a two page PDF file will open, which you can print and at the bottom of Page One, there is an application form you can fill out and send in with a cheque.  The address, PO Box 22044, North Bay, ON, P1B 9P5 is printed on the application form also.
We thank you for your support and would appreciate your leaving a comment after any of the posts on this website.

One thought on “Follow ONPA

  1. I wasn’t able to attend this year’s(2015) AGM, so am not sure if my membership is paid up or not. Can you advise where I stand, so I can settle up. Thank you.

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