ONTC Pensioners concerns totally ignored

North Bay, May 15, 2014                                                                                                                               FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

 The organization representing former ONTC employees has reached the limit of their patience with the current provincial government.  “Although we were invited by Min. Gravelle last Nov to work with the MAC committee, we have no feedback to that input, and the Liberals  still appear headed down the road to ONTC divestment, whether you call it “transformation” or “a firesale”. Stated ONPA Chair Phil Koning.

The ONPA has been trying for over two years to get a meeting with ONTC Chairperson Ted Hargreaves, but cannot even get him to respond to their requests.  The total disregard shown by Mr. Hargreaves to former ONTC workers, is in line with his failure to stand up for current workers by opposing the government’s mishandling of the ONTC file.


“If the Liberal government was truly serious about transforming ONTC to better reflect what the MAC Committee, ONTC workers and pensioners, had advised them, they would not be abandoning Ontera and pretending to keep the rest of the company to buy votes.” Added Koning.

ONTC requires a new business-minded Board of Directors, a new mandate, including economic development, and a new Memorandum of Understanding with the government to ensure transparency and efficiency.

The pensioners have been recognized as a key stakeholder in the operations of ONTC, but are not given the same respect as other stakeholders in the region.  “We will be pursuing a position on the ONTC Pension Advisory Board, as supported by FSCO and forcing open the closed door policy of the current Commission.” Concluded Koning


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For more information please contact

Phil Koning

Chair ONPA

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